Printable Personalized Children's Christmas Story

sleigh at night

We've taken a classic Christmas story, modernized it, and made it possible for you to personalize it with your own child's first name. The story is then written in a way that makes it seem as though your child is the main character of the story.

Your child will be captivated to hear of his or her Christmas Eve adventure, a trip to Santa's wonderland, and will love hearing his or her name sprinkled throughout the story. Here's a sample excerpt from the story:

Finally, it was the morning of Christmas Eve, and she was very excited that Santa Claus would be coming that night. She was sure Santa would come; he'd come every year before, and besides, everyone said so! Still, she couldn't help but worry that maybe Santa wouldn't show up. After all, she'd never actually seen Santa before, so she wasn't completely sure she could believe in him. As she worried, she whispered to herself, "I wish..."

Even better, we've created this story so that you can print it out, immediately, for free. Just enter a few basic details about your child in the form below (first name, state or region where you live, and gender), and a printable story will instantly be ready for you to download and print. You can read your child's personalized story at bedtime tonight!

This story is for:

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Please note: To protect your privacy, and especially that of your child, we do not store your child's name or any information about your child. The information you enter into the form is used only temporarily to create the personalized story. Once the story is created, and you've downloaded it, all information about your child disappears from our server, so no one else can ever see it - not even us.

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The story we recreated is one that is based on another that was told many, many years ago, in a book titled, "The Children's Book of Christmas Stories (1913)". The original story was called, "Little Girl's Christmas", by Winnifred E. Lincoln, and it is now in the Public Domain. We've taken that tale and updated it just a bit, so that it would fit into our modern world more easily. We hope you enjoy it.